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Mon Jul 14 00:41:34 EDT 2008

Revision: 816df2e8ea378089324051a96496f48ad4497e5f
Ancestor: a9f65952c8fc4bc64184d76ce00331688b21b17a
Author: qulogic at
Date: 2008-07-14T04:08:30
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


When connecting to MSN with the HTTP method, the payload length was not 
saved after processing a command. Since each command no longer sets the 
payload length in the MsnServConn explicitely, this broke things. Of 
course, command processing functions were never supposed to do that, so 
here's a fixed HTTP method that correctly saves the payload length.

Fixes #6316.

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--- libpurple/protocols/msn/httpconn.c	b69f0947f08da7d3b211f5ed1f665e1ededdfaa9
+++ libpurple/protocols/msn/httpconn.c	ed9dce85a53356c829822d8da4a94094899ff4a9
@@ -381,6 +381,7 @@ read_cb(gpointer data, gint source, Purp
 			msn_cmdproc_process_cmd_text(servconn->cmdproc, cur);
+			servconn->payload_len = servconn->cmdproc->last_cmd->payload_len;
 	} while (servconn->connected && servconn->rx_len > 0);

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