pidgin: 69b22e32: The text iterators need to be properly o...

sadrul at sadrul at
Sat Jun 21 07:10:44 EDT 2008

Revision: 69b22e32f7ada182101e0746f02891389ceb0c52
Ancestor: 5e9671c654b021e77695d4a863fb55e27a831901
Author: sadrul at
Date: 2008-06-21T11:07:17
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


The text iterators need to be properly ordered here. Taking the iterators
from the x/y coordinates doesn't ensure the correct order, especially when
RTL languages are involved. Thanks to thefox in #pidgin for reporting the

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--- pidgin/gtkimhtml.c	a78fce2e0e7bc0b2e96e3cedb940f8675a291008
+++ pidgin/gtkimhtml.c	876e10eaa8f68c92ef2d9f89692a7fd162b09d18
@@ -768,8 +768,8 @@ gtk_imhtml_expose_event (GtkWidget      
 	gtk_text_view_get_iter_at_location(GTK_TEXT_VIEW(widget), &end,
 	                                   buf_x + event->area.width, buf_y + event->area.height);
+	gtk_text_iter_order(&start, &end);
 	cur = start;
 	while (gtk_text_iter_in_range(&cur, &start, &end)) {

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