pidgin.custom_smiley: b7eea53f: Show some possibly helpful text in the t...

sadrul at sadrul at
Sat May 10 13:52:17 EDT 2008

Revision: b7eea53fccfb780524f7d43a7394e3c1b96bc351
Ancestor: 7068f7a4e3f16e64b6fee5a80081a052c4be8730
Author: sadrul at
Date: 2008-05-10T17:05:25
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin.custom_smiley

Modified files:


Show some possibly helpful text in the tooltip for disabled smileys.

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--- pidgin/gtkimhtmltoolbar.c	62261f86e8733342fe6cbc82f486e606064b093b
+++ pidgin/gtkimhtmltoolbar.c	cff59043b20361fb7b53a7cb72d33194b72b9610
@@ -685,6 +685,9 @@ sort_smileys(struct smiley_button_list *
 			if (strcmp(face, shortcut) == 0) {
 				/* The smiley of the current button has the same shortcut as
 				this custom smiley, grey it out */
+				gtk_tooltips_set_tip(toolbar->tooltips, button,
+						_("This smiley is disabled because a custom smiley exists for this shortcut."),
+						NULL);
 				gtk_widget_set_sensitive(button, FALSE);

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