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NEWS and ChangeLog a bit.

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--- ChangeLog	f56dc79092c1be9bc731727bc2bf6392d700423b
+++ ChangeLog	a542641bd83896d97c338bd65152195b8498fc32
@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@ version 2.5.2 (10/19/2008):
 version 2.5.2 (10/19/2008):
-	* Restored the "Has You" feature to the MSN protocol tooltips.
 	* Fixed a crash on removing a custom buddy icon on a buddy.
 	* Fixed a crash caused by certain self-signed SSL certificates.
 	* Enable a number of strong ciphers which were previously disabled
@@ -16,14 +15,22 @@ version 2.5.2 (10/19/2008):
 	* Added ability to change the color of visited links (using the theme
 	  control plugin, or setting the color in ~/.gtkrc-2.0)
 	* Fix a crash occuring when a custom smiley is deleted and re-added and
-	  used in an open conversation after being re-added
+	  used in an open conversation after being re-added.
 	* A new 'Nested Grouping' option in the 'Grouping' plugin. Group
-	  hierarchies are defined by the '/' character in the group names
+	  hierarchies are defined by the '/' character in the group names.
 	* A bug was fixed where some key-bindings wouldn't work with some TERMs
 	  (e.g. xterm-color, screen-linux etc.)
+	MSN:
+	* Operations (such as moving to a new group) on contacts that were added
+	  in the same session should now complete correctly, and not cause
+	  synchronization errors at next login.
+	* Minor fixes to login process during a server transfer.
+	* Restored the "Has You" feature to the MSN protocol tooltips.
+	* ADL 205/214/etc errors should no longer prevent login.
 	* Sending and receiving custom smileys using the specification in
 	  XEP-0231 (bits of binary) and XHTML-IM
--- NEWS	c1bc8027ddd50ef962665fcdb6a1792942d622bf
+++ NEWS	0f04eeb0b33f473822488a1754dda6fb681c314f
@@ -23,6 +23,12 @@ 2.5.2 (10/19/2008):
 	release far longer than we expected.  Hopefully the bugfixes make you
+	Elliott: This release took a while, but that was due to an unfortunate
+	server snafu. I didn't have much to do with it, but hopefully the new
+	servers will help us out a bit. Anyway, mostly bug-fixes this time.
+	Nothing spectacular, unless you happen to suffer from one of those bugs.
+	Oh, and don't forget, the "Has you" tooltip is back!
 2.5.1 (08/30/2008):
 	Kevin: This release is mainly a bug-fix release.  It solves a few
 	known crashes and updates some of our artwork.  Google's Summer of

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