pidgin: 5ccc437b: What was I thinking... The GtkIMHtmlSmil...

malu at malu at
Fri Oct 24 17:55:49 EDT 2008

Revision: 5ccc437b944e0675b75037409a01416e31650e7f
Ancestor: df5c02c8721094e05bb76d7ac7c7cb1ad5da5186
Author: malu at
Date: 2008-10-24T21:50:55
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


What was I thinking... The GtkIMHtmlSmileys in the smiley trees aren't owned
by the smiley trees, so NULLing a pointer in there is not a good idea...
By the time gtk_smiley_tree_destroy is called the smileys are gone.
This should fix #7345 and that "crash when changing smiley theme while there
are smileys in input boxes" bug someone reported on #pidgin
Closes #7345 

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--- pidgin/gtkimhtml.c	6cdddf9f2611817a550d02adeba2068ea0730199
+++ pidgin/gtkimhtml.c	ccf9764318bde2961c95760890b4792426c16dfa
@@ -348,9 +348,7 @@ gtk_smiley_tree_destroy (GtkSmileyTree *
 			g_string_free (t->values, TRUE);
 			g_free (t->children);
-		if (t && t->image) {
-			t->image->imhtml = NULL;
-		}
 		g_free (t);

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