pidgin: 91697ef8: I suppose I should put my e-ma...

rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo at
Wed Oct 29 00:50:31 EDT 2008

Revision: 91697ef86059abe66d9821bda00c222c87e695c8
Ancestor: 30e46717076dacdd40dc7031f1cd2bf32e19de70
Author: rekkanoryo at
Date: 2008-10-29T04:54:00
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


I suppose I should put my e-mail address here too since it's
becoming all the rage.

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--- pidgin/gtkdialogs.c	3afe176019df933a30191c8c64f56d35c6c9d04d
+++ pidgin/gtkdialogs.c	1a8ea524f3d98ec672cbe8b1c7f0cc86e9f80aa5
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ static const struct developer developers
 /* Order: Alphabetical by Last Name */
 static const struct developer developers[] = {
 	{"Daniel 'datallah' Atallah",	NULL, NULL},
-	{"John 'rekkanoryo' Bailey",	N_("bug master"), NULL},
+	{"John 'rekkanoryo' Bailey",	N_("bug master"), "rekkanoryo at"},
 	{"Ethan 'Paco-Paco' Blanton",	NULL, NULL},
 	{"Hylke Bons",			N_("artist"), "h.bons at"},
 	{"Thomas Butter",				NULL, NULL},

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