soc.2008.finch: 62fd7c5e: Fix a bug that was introduced when the G...

queueram at queueram at
Sun Sep 21 00:00:37 EDT 2008

Revision: 62fd7c5eb0c1a0fcc5bdfb7d993501edfbd51608
Ancestor: 6ba1798dab7dc54585ad233449cbd8b5834d4292
Author: queueram at
Date: 2008-09-21T03:57:22
Branch: im.pidgin.soc.2008.finch

Modified files:


Fix a bug that was introduced when the GQueues were starting to be used to
keep track of the windows per frame.  This removes a duplicate window from
being in the list when all frame splits are removed.

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--- finch/libgnt/wms/tiling.c	6a0ff4799d03feb5cfad7aae409064704c550c2e
+++ finch/libgnt/wms/tiling.c	98e802e4c7b2204b026999eb19cbce6ff0dbcdf5
@@ -675,6 +675,8 @@ remove_all_split(GntBindable *bindable, 
 		free_tiling_frames(wm, twm->root.right_bottom);
 		if (win) {
+			/* remove it and add it to the front */
+			twm_g_queue_remove(twm->current->windows, win);
 			g_queue_push_head(twm->current->windows, win);
 			twm_move_window_to_frame(win, twm->current);

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