pidgin: c1a79705: ChangeLog.API that, too.

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Mon Aug 10 22:51:34 EDT 2009

Revision: c1a797052f464704b05357baf03a02769a2fd6ce
Ancestor: a1edb87af0bd03766bea82b60fd1d5e1294ee3b6
Author: darkrain42 at
Date: 2009-08-11T02:44:41
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

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ChangeLog.API that, too.

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--- ChangeLog.API	016801c2b8833ac00e0e6f7dca877333abf0a59d
+++ ChangeLog.API	078354f9aa830779e94166079a89db9e537815dc
@@ -99,6 +99,10 @@ version 2.6.0 (??/??/2009):
 		* status is set before emitting signals in purple_xfer_set_status.
 		* Creating multiple distinct chats with the same name (i.e. "MSN Chat")
 		  is deprecated and will be removed in libpurple 3.0.0.
+		* purple_xfer_start now accepts -1 as the fd parameter if the protocol
+		  plugin will administer the transfer itself. 0 is still accepted for
+		  backward compatibility since older versions of libpurple will not
+		  accept -1.
 		* buddy-added and buddy-removed blist signals

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