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Date: 2009-08-17T22:27:31
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--- NEWS	3ef3850055000fdd05cd51521948046ac9528b1d
+++ NEWS	28f27be8a0bc48d86af154cfad8a148baad62a5b
@@ -18,6 +18,12 @@ 2.6.0 (08/??/2009):
 	Browser.  Also, thanks to Bernmeister for poking (at least) several
 	hundred old tickets!
+	Maiku: Ditto. This is my first news as well. I have a feeling this is
+	getting repetitive at this point, but voice and video support is
+	finally here! Thanks to the rest of the Pidgin team, Farsight 2, and
+	GStreamer developers for making this possible! (I finally finished my
+	Summer of Code project :D)
 2.5.8 (06/27/2009):
 	John:  This release is another somewhat rushed bugfix release to fix
 	a number of bugs that have come up since we released Pidgin 2.5.7.

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