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qulogic at qulogic at
Sun Feb 1 04:20:31 EST 2009

Revision: a9849c98b16073a1bf0fbb87a998f0970e0dc810
Ancestor: 088b6077e4538f8db23caf21e43423cc70208025
Author: qulogic at
Date: 2009-02-01T09:08:44
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:
        ChangeLog libpurple/protocols/msn/notification.c


Setup message handlers on the MSN Notification server so that messages from
Yahoo! buddies aren't lost in the ether. This assumes you can't get custom
emoticons from them (but shouldn't be hard to fix that if necessary).

Fixes #7676.

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--- ChangeLog	5342c31ba3bcad6c6f981c4f32937cc83dd11d99
+++ ChangeLog	b6ccbe28c648d5ea70637ec740d15f93d8d03c8d
@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ version 2.5.5 (??/??/????):
 	* Federated/Yahoo! buddies should now stop creating sync issues at
 	  every signin.  You may need to remove duplicates in the Address
 	  Book.  See the FAQ for more information.
+	* Messages from Yahoo! buddies are no longer silently dropped.
 	* Allow rebinding keys to change the focused widget (details in the
--- libpurple/protocols/msn/notification.c	51210d7a131b11453c6471c5dd8052f690ea360a
+++ libpurple/protocols/msn/notification.c	022b7c1835b44ee1410c55032818e773a3b1a2c8
@@ -2096,6 +2096,13 @@ msn_notification_init(void)
+	/* generic message handlers */
+	msn_table_add_msg_type(cbs_table, "text/plain",
+						   msn_plain_msg);
+	msn_table_add_msg_type(cbs_table, "text/x-msmsgscontrol",
+						   msn_control_msg);
+	msn_table_add_msg_type(cbs_table, "text/x-msnmsgr-datacast",
+						   msn_datacast_msg);

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