adium: 9b88c7e8: Don't mark all direct IM messages as aut...

evands at evands at
Wed Feb 18 20:45:41 EST 2009

Revision: 9b88c7e8eaf48a18db6e630ce54bc18ad3f69c88
Ancestor: 30c025a5facc491ee082435ffe5d2ccfec619678
Author: evands at
Date: 2009-02-19T01:38:04
Branch: im.pidgin.adium

Modified files:


Don't mark all direct IM messages as autoreplies. I have absolutely no
idea what I was doing in 0cc6fa10027bf829296dc524792add070c70f8eb. If there
was a bug there other than what I created, I'm not seeing it.

(imflags & PURPLE_MESSAGE_AUTO_RESP) is clearly YES if an autoreply and NO
if not; checking imflags alone is wrong.

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--- libpurple/protocols/oscar/oscar.c	23643a831ac37e40ab89982801b9268220545660
+++ libpurple/protocols/oscar/oscar.c	1dcb9dc65104c1ff6a44ce715f58e27cdc004861
@@ -4421,7 +4421,7 @@ purple_odc_send_im(PeerConnection *conn,
 	g_string_free(data, TRUE);
-	peer_odc_send_im(conn, msg->str, msg->len, charset, imflags);
+	peer_odc_send_im(conn, msg->str, msg->len, charset, (imflags & PURPLE_MESSAGE_AUTO_RESP));
 	g_string_free(msg, TRUE);

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