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malu at malu at
Sun Jun 7 13:35:45 EDT 2009

Revision: c3098147bda4bcb8ca6b028799b77d38c97795d6
Ancestor: bf2f58a153a599d9fa0a7b7b9874fa2c1d31b81c
Author: malu at
Date: 2009-06-07T17:32:12
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


ChangeLog the user visible change from the client_type branch (that is showing
emblems for XMPP buddies).

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--- ChangeLog	71539f08c8d248e1d601b004e756cc2c8e4d2f41
+++ ChangeLog	d4fec986630c11bd8686866ce5d99593f514e8d6
@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@ version 2.6.0 (??/??/2009):
 	* Fix an issue where Cyrus SASL DIGEST MD5 authentication might fail if
 	  the username, password, or realm (the JID domain) contain non-ASCII
+	* Show emblem for mobile, handheld, and web clients and bots (if the other
+	  client supports it).
 	* P2P file transfers.  (Sulabh Mahajan)

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