gobjectification: fbebfebc: dropping marshallers.list temporarily to...

grim at pidgin.im grim at pidgin.im
Mon Jun 8 01:57:04 EDT 2009

Revision: fbebfebcb56d1ba8fff29497f529ae8b2971ab75
Ancestor: 421ec47c4bbea306a5906988fe85d04c5062f3e4
Author: grim at pidgin.im
Date: 2009-06-08T00:50:58
Branch: im.pidgin.gobjectification
URL: http://d.pidgin.im/viewmtn/revision/info/fbebfebcb56d1ba8fff29497f529ae8b2971ab75

Deleted entries:


dropping marshallers.list temporarily to allow a merge.  This will be fixed in, not the next rev (the merge) but the one following it

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