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NEWS and all that sort of thing...

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--- NEWS	ce4d44cad35a4d74d5dbd9f1e77587b4cd27218e
+++ NEWS	b77944af841421f6d48de04d4a139c10602008d7
@@ -7,6 +7,12 @@ 2.5.5 (03/01/2009):
 	one of the fixed bugs is one that irritated you.  Also, thank Dimmuxx
 	for spending far too much time working on ICQ this release.
+	Elliott: Lots and lots of MSN bugfixes again (I hope they're fixed, at
+	least).  I think we finally have OCS/Yahoo!/federated buddies working
+	now.  And there should be some workarounds for some server things that
+	may or may not have been our fault (like buddies on Allow+Block) which
+	should make general usage a bit smoother.
 2.5.4 (01/12/2009):
 	John: Well, we fixed a few bugs for you this time around, I applied
 	a few patches, and we've dealt with what feels like a TON of tickets

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