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You don't say

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--- doc/funniest_home_convos.txt	ae373bf97a173457fff0a2d039dbc59e6e526865
+++ doc/funniest_home_convos.txt	66969862aee3c475a1f7ff0dace5778a59db0db1
@@ -565,3 +565,10 @@
              for using pidgen
 22:36 <user> why do they think this is a bad client? does it have history?
+15:45 <deryni> We've had a Grand Plugin Database Plan for approximately forever.
+15:45 <SimGuy> ah, the GPDP
+15:46 <khc> well, there was a Grand Smiley Theme Database
+15:47 <SimGuy> the GSTD sounds like a bad acronym
+15:47 <khc> I realized after typing that

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