pidgin: a672861c: This is supposed to be a precision forma...

datallah at datallah at
Sat May 2 14:10:29 EDT 2009

Revision: a672861cce909f4207305375718c83533eed264f
Ancestor: 043dfec38d634f26f4654b15146fbd0f27376389
Author: datallah at
Date: 2009-05-02T18:05:49
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


This is supposed to be a precision formatter.

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--- pidgin/win32/winpidgin.c	d855fbe1ccacd0ca7448cb5570e2b565a1783e3b
+++ pidgin/win32/winpidgin.c	0c3f20676e8704538134058d3b2409f9858ed9d6
@@ -586,7 +586,7 @@ static void handle_protocol(char *cmd) {
-	printf("Trying to handle protocol message:\n'%*s'\n", len, tmp1);
+	printf("Trying to handle protocol message:\n'%.*s'\n", len, tmp1);
 	/* MEM_COMMIT initializes the memory to zero,
 	 * so we don't need to worry that our section of tmp1 isn't nul-terminated */

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