pidgin: d1fea663: add an ARRAY_LENGTH macro to find out le...

khc at khc at
Sun May 10 18:30:28 EDT 2009

Revision: d1fea663a03e5f80f539918a21f5f36c09a452b8
Ancestor: f9080d0b3274907da710c3d4d85669464e418ba4
Author: khc at
Date: 2009-05-10T22:23:52
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


add an ARRAY_LENGTH macro to find out length of static arrays

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--- libpurple/internal.h	dbc124585e288c7bdf107fd6594bc5518cda0ee7
+++ libpurple/internal.h	3a629baabf83974b085f126561edb8d19317879d
@@ -256,6 +256,10 @@ type_name##_get_type (void) \
+#define ARRAY_LENGTH(arr) (sizeof(arr) / sizeof(*arr))
 /* Safer ways to work with static buffers. When using non-static
  * buffers, either use g_strdup_* functions (preferred) or use
  * g_strlcpy/g_strlcpy directly. */

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