pidgin: 1691b4b3: oscar: The 0x00c9 TLV seems to be buddy ...

darkrain42 at darkrain42 at
Tue Nov 3 13:37:19 EST 2009

Revision: 1691b4b36ac458e77603b7cac73a91c200b2a21b
Ancestor: a22480793cb17ccde627e2c39d204433fe4c740b
Author: darkrain42 at
Date: 2009-11-03T18:28:56
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


oscar: The 0x00c9 TLV seems to be buddy preferences, not limited to visibility.

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--- libpurple/protocols/oscar/family_feedbag.c	2e846ea5273fdfb01b64f3a2e567f06c4b828770
+++ libpurple/protocols/oscar/family_feedbag.c	f60d5eba1823a2f8c04f0d239988560da916faba
@@ -389,11 +389,10 @@ int aim_ssi_getpermdeny(struct aim_ssi_i
  * Locally find the presence flag item, and return the setting.  The returned setting is a
- * bitmask of the user flags that you are visible to.  See the AIM_FLAG_* #defines
- * in oscar.h
+ * bitmask of the preferences.  See the AIM_SSI_PRESENCE_FLAG_* #defines in oscar.h.
  * @param list A pointer to the current list of items.
- * @return Return the current visibility mask.
+ * @return Return the current set of preferences.
 guint32 aim_ssi_getpresence(struct aim_ssi_item *list)

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