adium: ee31fe06: Tweaked the sed command added in [02c7d0...

evands at evands at
Wed Nov 4 19:32:25 EST 2009

Revision: ee31fe06606802c763bdfd67e8e3c4574cf7b13f
Ancestor: 02e0ca1662c116c68da6eb796eb651ac09f5b021
Author: evands at
Date: 2009-11-05T00:32:01
Branch: im.pidgin.adium

Modified files:


Tweaked the sed command added in [02c7d0fff81a8bc2cee5c6bfa4bf3032c9b884c7] so
that it executes successfully on Mac OS X. As far as I can tell, this change
should be portable and just more exactly follows sed's man page. Refs #9520

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---	af752cae6b2e1c098fcd355ceb93b5df70d07179
+++	e391c91d403471c298dfc7c38a330ca3e43a227c
@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ run_or_die ${INTLTOOLIZE} ${INTLTOOLIZE_
 run_or_die ${INTLTOOLIZE} ${INTLTOOLIZE_FLAGS:-"-c -f --automake"}
 # This call to sed is needed to work around an annoying bug in intltool 0.40.6
 # See for details
-run_or_die ${SED} "s:'\^\$\$lang\$\$':\^\$\$lang\$\$:g" -i po/
+run_or_die ${SED} "-e s:'\^\$\$lang\$\$':\^\$\$lang\$\$:g" "-i \"\"" "`dirname "$0"`"/po/
 run_or_die ${ACLOCAL} ${ACLOCAL_FLAGS:-"-I m4macros"}
 run_or_die ${AUTOMAKE} ${AUTOMAKE_FLAGS:-"-a -c --gnu"}

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