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Tue Oct 27 04:01:18 EDT 2009

Revision: 68633ca2b068e04c858f91556d19ee2fa51c2edf
Ancestor: 53dd1003ec6cbd5ede404f53721feaf5e7246870
Author: khc at
Date: 2009-10-26T06:53:35
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


I don't think the comment made sense, this is probably what it meant
to be.  It's only checking status type but not the status message, so
it can match the "wrong" status if you have substatuses of different

I am not sure if that's a feature or bug though. Seems like a bug to
me because it prevents you from setting certain messages if you
already have similar transient status.

Oh, and why does this matching only work on transient statuses anyway.

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--- pidgin/gtkstatusbox.c	e7dbc2857f3e967646f64d3bb48af6bb4d388ad3
+++ pidgin/gtkstatusbox.c	64782dab34af24c7e15a2f033543ca6193f883d8
@@ -2435,7 +2435,7 @@ activate_currently_selected_status(Pidgi
 						purple_strequal(ss_msg, message))
 						gboolean found = FALSE;
-						/* The currently enabled accounts must have substatuses for all the active accts */
+						/* this status must have substatuses for all the active accts */
 						for(tmp = active_accts; tmp != NULL; tmp = tmp->next) {
 							PurpleAccount *acct = tmp->data;
 							PurpleSavedStatusSub *sub = purple_savedstatus_get_substatus(ss, acct);

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