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Add blurb about news/security/

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--- htdocs/security/index.php	54161a32cbf794cae7b2fdeebbf2aacf1b6950b6
+++ htdocs/security/index.php	43ba47b35280d4b994669e57ae5858ac2cdafaf3
@@ -20,11 +20,15 @@ collecting security-related information,
 servers, managing vulnerabilities and security response is important to
 the Pidgin project and to our users.  We have established procedures for
 collecting security-related information, and for disclosing this
-information to the public.
+information to the public.</p>
+<p>Please see our comprehensive <a href="/news/security/">list of known
+and reported security advisories</a> for information on past
 <h2>Reporting a Security-related Issue</h2>
-If you believe you have discovered a security problem or vulnerability
+<p>If you believe you have discovered a security problem or vulnerability
 in Pidgin, libpurple, finch, or one of our related projects, please let
 us know by emailing
 <a href="mailto:security at pidgin.im">security at pidgin.im</a>.</p>

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