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Date: 2009-09-04T07:59:59
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--- NEWS	7caee4925a909935fc5e918989a720e457981df4
+++ NEWS	1394f23a07f1ad3f7bdd4fd432ece29d34da7dc4
@@ -9,6 +9,11 @@ 2.6.2 (09/04/2009):
 	they have fixed all the major bugs that cropped up.  My thanks to all
 	those names listed as Current Developers in Pidgin's 'About' window.
+	Elliott: Well now, just as Mark said, there was a lot of new stuff that
+	probably came up with tons of bugs.  So I can't say I wrote anything
+	super-awesome, but I definitely fixed quite a few of those itty-bitty
+	why-didn't-this-work-this-way sort of bugs.
 2.6.1 (08/18/2009):
 	Mark: There were a lot of changes in 2.6.0, and so a few major bugs
 	crept in.  This is a very minor release to fix those bugs.  Sorry for

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