pidgin: d27c32ca: These should actually be 0x03, I think. ...

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Sun Sep 6 17:06:29 EDT 2009

Revision: d27c32ca22c544f8f581bf4ea7b9a732f60bce59
Ancestor: d483c0417907450a63d5a5a78cd893109a3bbd48
Author: markdoliner at
Date: 2009-09-06T20:59:54
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


These should actually be 0x03, I think.  I think it's a bitmask where
the value 0x01 means "I'm a recent client" and the value 0x02 means
"I don't want multiple instances"


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--- libpurple/protocols/oscar/family_auth.c	5acbf1fde446f916d4eacea97088acc6024b53d0
+++ libpurple/protocols/oscar/family_auth.c	ee2722953d178b5e54ab4e7271043459a5cb6f60
@@ -277,7 +277,7 @@ aim_send_login(OscarData *od, FlapConnec
 	 * If set, old-fashioned buddy lists will not work. You will need
 	 * to use SSI.
-	aim_tlvlist_add_8(&tlvlist, 0x004a, (allow_multiple_logins ? 0x01 : 0x02));
+	aim_tlvlist_add_8(&tlvlist, 0x004a, (allow_multiple_logins ? 0x01 : 0x03));
 	aim_tlvlist_write(&frame->data, &tlvlist);

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