www: a0b587b5: Add CVE number for this puppy

markdoliner at pidgin.im markdoliner at pidgin.im
Tue Sep 8 12:26:07 EDT 2009

Revision: a0b587b557cc9af1d268529d09aced5ccdcefcb6
Ancestor: 8ed1adb54bf24b494f6545b3bcc7228d90277b79
Author: markdoliner at pidgin.im
Date: 2009-09-08T16:20:12
Branch: im.pidgin.www
URL: http://d.pidgin.im/viewmtn/revision/info/a0b587b557cc9af1d268529d09aced5ccdcefcb6

Modified files:


Add CVE number for this puppy

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--- htdocs/news/security/index.php	6285ede42db9d4301fb98a6e7f47b6ad2d0d0976
+++ htdocs/news/security/index.php	15cf48eb2584d87265e603700beb89a1d5c2ef60
@@ -371,7 +371,7 @@ $vulnerabilities = array(
 		"title"        => "Yahoo IM parsing crash",
 		"date"         => "22 August 2009",
-		"cve"          => "",
+		"cve"          => "CVE-2009-3025",
 		"summary"      => "Crash in Yahoo protocol plugin when receiving an IM",
 		"description"  => "Possibly depending on the architecture and/or flags used to compile libpurple, the Yahoo protocol plugin may crash when receiving an IM from any user which contains a URL.  The only vulnerable version of libpurple is 2.6.0.",
 		"fix"          => "Correctly parse URLs in incoming Yahoo messages.",

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