pidgin: 476c1086: nss: NSS should work after reiniting lib...

darkrain42 at darkrain42 at
Thu Apr 1 02:56:55 EDT 2010

Revision: 476c108653655f35df274993bb4fa00f5d82d523
Ancestor: 51dddff91046a6665ccc0939eceb4a56dc296e4b
Author: darkrain42 at
Date: 2010-04-01T06:51:04
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:
        ChangeLog libpurple/plugins/ssl/ssl-nss.c


nss: NSS should work after reiniting libpurple.  Closes #11524.

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--- ChangeLog	48d29e6ceb3c92f0c66dc2de0452106a5ac52536
+++ ChangeLog	58b0a7740f7e929982ed89d3fce6ff8808924489
@@ -9,6 +9,8 @@ version 2.7.0 (??/??/????):
 	* Fix two related crashes in the GnuTLS and NSS plugins when they
 	  suffer internal errors immediately upon attempting to establish
 	  an SSL connection.
+	* Fix NSS to work when reinitialized after being used.  (Thanks to
+	  Ludovico Cavedon for the testcase)
 	* Added support for PURPLE_GNUTLS_PRIORITIES environment variable.
 	  This can be used to specify GnuTLS priorities on a per-host basis.
 	  The format is "host=priority;host2=priority;...".  The default
--- libpurple/plugins/ssl/ssl-nss.c	b2dc975721e0f4c239a4a2f3637420c8507079e3
+++ libpurple/plugins/ssl/ssl-nss.c	597c2bbce306ae80b44d37ab424960355f80e9db
@@ -235,6 +235,7 @@ ssl_nss_uninit(void)
 static void
+	NSS_Shutdown();
 	_nss_methods = NULL;

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