pidgin: 350ddaad: Log the change, thanks to rekka-changelo...

sadrul at sadrul at
Mon Apr 12 19:20:27 EDT 2010

Revision: 350ddaad5f7b48249a35bb326383ec402d8a64b7
Ancestor: 08d2bb990f45c58443afb909e2d1955ea4152aab
Author: sadrul at
Date: 2010-04-12T23:21:16
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


Log the change, thanks to rekka-changelog vigilante-noryo!

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--- ChangeLog	82f4f9a8aac9d6f8ed07397689329a3eb9f0d352
+++ ChangeLog	9ec5ce9419aef234146a5ef7a1382efb1b7b73dd
@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@ version 2.7.0 (??/??/????):
 	  "drawing-buddy". (Daniele Ricci, Andrea Piccinelli)
 	* Be more accommodating when scaling down large images for use as
 	  buddy icons.
+	* The 'Message Timestamp Formats' plugin allows changing the timestamp
+	  format from the timestamps' context menu in conversation log.
 	* Added support for IPv6. (Thanks to T_X for testing)

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