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Fri Dec 10 00:43:16 EST 2010

Revision: 52c9bfcb0d47518c85991f03c4cdee78dd13143a
Parent:   05c0156ea2928677e4a21ca073f6b572638fdf15
Author:   qulogic at
Date:     12/10/10 00:33:13
Branch:   im.pidgin.pidgin


Properly prevent updating the server with our own information, since
we just sent it ourselves. This will now update the buddy list for
ourselves with the new name correctly.

Fixes #13064.

Changes against parent 05c0156ea2928677e4a21ca073f6b572638fdf15

  patched  ChangeLog

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--- ChangeLog	9db40759d2362e03b96a54e5bf59a35fbb4d91c5
+++ ChangeLog	91e4bcc1faa911af4b5e4fd18a42f8ff03151b5a
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ version 2.7.8 (??/??/????):
 	  services. (#13022)
 	* Correctly remove old endpoints from the list when they sign out.
 	* Add option to disable connections from multiple locations. (#13017)
+	* Correctly update your own display name in the buddy list. (#13064) 
 	* Terminate Jingle sessions with unsupported content types. (#13048)

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