pidgin: 2ef7bc9d: Mark this function as deprecated because...

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Wed Feb 3 14:10:43 EST 2010

Revision: 2ef7bc9ddd73d8b07a1f3dcb4a68956fc0f1d4c5
Ancestor: 1db3debff58b6c25ed54db5d39b49a8469d9c98d
Author: markdoliner at
Date: 2010-02-03T19:08:04
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

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Mark this function as deprecated because I really don't know what
it's supposed to be used for

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--- libpurple/prefs.h	776648b40ae01d1b7759f7d801e0fe95a3fb82cd
+++ libpurple/prefs.h	0de7883ca242c4337460444bea39ec511a862fe5
@@ -185,7 +185,17 @@ void purple_prefs_destroy(void);
  * @param name  The name of the pref
  * @param value The value to set
+ *
+ * @deprecatethis?
+ * @deprecated We're not really sure what purpose this function serves, so it
+ *             will be removed in 3.0.0.  Preferences values set using this
+ *             function aren't serialized to prefs.xml, which could be
+ *             misleading.  There is also no purple_prefs_get_generic, which
+ *             means that if you can't really get the value (other in a
+ *             connected callback).  If you think you have a use for this then
+ *             please let us know.
+/* TODO: When this is removed, also remove struct purple_pref->value.generic */
 void purple_prefs_set_generic(const char *name, gpointer value);

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