pidgin: 649a416b: Changelog that (hopefully this is clear ...

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Wed Feb 10 01:08:20 EST 2010

Revision: 649a416b7338f1cf5c4f622cbdca4401225982ee
Ancestor: 8fe6195539754a041b3f223b89bfef28eb1998c3
Author: darkrain42 at
Date: 2010-02-10T06:01:58
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

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Changelog that (hopefully this is clear to laymen; I'll check again tomorrow morning).

Refs #9874.

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--- ChangeLog	7fe05a0c782ff26ef4f0d99890b664d843e7fd30
+++ ChangeLog	a277d3b45be9bd766b7b9cd608cd05e61a4a3fd7
@@ -39,6 +39,11 @@ version 2.6.6 (??/??/20??):
 	* Fix a leak and crash when retrieving buddy icons.
+	* Upon receipt of a presence change from a contact, send further messages
+	  to that contact's bare JID [username].  A conversation "locks" to a
+	  specific resource upon receipt of a message from that resource.
+	  Previously, it would only "unlock" when that resource went offline, or
+	  upon receipt of a message from a different resource.
 	* Added support for the SCRAM-SHA-1 SASL mechanism.  This is only
 	  available when built without Cyrus SASL support.
 	* When getting info on a domain-only (server) JID, show uptime

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