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Update ChangeLog and version number

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--- htdocs/ChangeLog	04465d4dfa5fc54bbe7801552cb88373553755b5
+++ htdocs/ChangeLog	1ff6b9176e6393f1a50db9360e31ef06dc7d8d08
@@ -1,5 +1,116 @@ Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM
 Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM Clients That're Good for the Soul
+version 2.6.6 (02/18/2010):
+	libpurple:
+	* Fix 'make check' on OS X. (David Fang)
+	* Fix a quirk in purple_markup_html_to_xhtml that caused some messages
+	  to be improperly converted to XHTML.
+	* Set "controlling-mode" correctly when initializing a media session.
+	  Fixes receiving voice calls from Psi.
+	* When looking up DNS records, use the type of record returned by the
+	  server (instead of the type we asked for) to determine how to process
+	  the record.
+	* Fix an issue with parsing XML attributes that contain "<br>".
+	  See ChangeLog.API for more details.
+	General:
+	* Correctly disable all missing dependencies when using the
+	  --disable-missing-dependencies option.  (Gabriel Schulhof)
+	Gadu-Gadu:
+	* Fix display of avatars after a server-side change. (Krzysztof
+	  Klinikowski)
+	AIM:
+	* Allow setting and displaying icons between 1x1 and 100x100 pixels.
+	  Previously only icons between 48x48 and 50x50 were allowed.
+	MSN:
+	* Fix CVE-2010-0277, a possible remote crash when parsing an incoming
+	  SLP message.  (Discovered by Fabian Yamaguchi)
+	* File transfer requests will no longer cause a crash if you delete the
+	  file before the other side accepts.
+	* Received files will no longer hold an extra lock after completion,
+	  meaning they can be moved or deleted without complaints from your OS.
+	* Buddies who sign in from a second location will no longer cause an
+	  unnecessary chat window to open.
+	* Support setting an animated GIF as a buddy icon.
+	* Numerous code cleanups and memory savings.
+	MySpace:
+	* Fix a leak and crash when retrieving buddy icons.
+	* Less likely to send messages to a contact's idle/inactive resource.
+	  Previously, if a message was received from a specific resource,
+	  responses would be sent to that resource until either it went offline
+	  or a message is received from another resource.  Now, messages are sent
+	  to the bare JID upon receipt of any presence change from the contact.
+	* Added support for the SCRAM-SHA-1 SASL mechanism.  This is only
+	  available when built without Cyrus SASL support.
+	* When getting info on a domain-only (server) JID, show uptime
+	  (when given by the result of the "last query") and don't show status as
+	  offline.
+	* Fix getting info on your own JID.
+	* Wrap XHTML messages in <p>, as described in XEP-0071, for compatibility
+	  with some clients.
+	* Don't do an SRV lookup for a STUN server associated with the account
+	  if one is already set globally in prefs.
+	* Don't send custom smileys larger than the recommended maximum object size
+	  specified in the BoB XEP.   This prevents a client from being
+	  disconnected by servers that dislike overly-large stanzas.
+	* Fix receiving messages without markup over an Openfire BOSH connection
+	  (forcibly put the stanzas in the jabber:client namespace).
+	* The default value for the file transfer proxies is automatically
+	  updated when an account connects, if it is still the old (broken)
+	  default (from 'proxy.jabber.org' to 'proxy.eu.jabber.org').
+	* Fix an issue where libpurple created duplicate buddies if the roster
+	  contains a buddy in two groups that differ only by case
+	  (e.g. "XMPP" and "xmpp") (or not at all).
+	Yahoo:
+	* Don't send <span> and </span> tags.  (Fartash Faghri)
+	* Support PingBox.  PingBoxes will appear as pbx/PingBoxName.  (Kartik
+	  Mohta)
+	Pidgin:
+	* Fix CVE-2010-0423, a denial of service attack due to the parsing
+	  of large numbers of smileys.  (Discovered by Antti Hayrynen)
+	* Correctly size conversation and status box entries when the
+	  interior-focus style property is diabled. (Gabriel Schulhof)
+	* Correctly handle a multiline text field being required in a
+	  request form.  (Thanks to Florian Zeitz for finding this problem)
+	* Search friends by email-addresses in the buddy list. (Luoh Ren-Shan)
+	* Allow dropping an image on Custom Smiley window to add a new one.
+	* Prompt for confirmation when clearing a whiteboard (doodle) session.
+	  (Kartik Mohta)
+	* Use the "hand" cursor when hovering over usernames in chat history to
+	  indicate that the username is an actionable item.
+	* Double-clicking usernames in chat history will open an IM with that
+	  user.
+	* Put an icon on the "Filter" button in the debug window.
+	* Don't treat "/messages/like/this " as commands.
+	* Explicitly mark user interaction when inserting smilies from the
+	  toolbar so "Undo" correctly removes these smilies.
+	* Clicking "New" or "Saved" in the status selector menu while typing a
+	  status message no longer keeps the status entry area stuck in "typing"
+	  mode forever.
+	* Show tooltips for ellipsized conversation tabs.  On older systems,
+	  tooltips will show for all tabs.
+	* The File Transfers and Debug Window windows are no longer created as
+	  dialogs.  These windows should now have minimize buttons in many
+	  environments in which they were previously missing (including Windows).
+	* Smiley themes with Windows line endings no longer cause theme
+	  descriptions not to be displayed in the theme selector.
+	Finch:
+	* Fix CVE-2010-0420, a possible remote crash when handling chat room
+	  buddy names.
+	* Rebindable 'move-first' and 'move-last' actions for tree widgets. So
+	  it is possible to jump to the first or last entry in the buddy list
+	  (and other such lists) by pressing home or end key (defaults)
+	  respectively.
 version 2.6.5 (01/08/2010):
 	* TLS certificates are actually stored to the local cache once again
--- inc/version.inc	a83e4c6444b0791b029d59f3f337439332aaa77d
+++ inc/version.inc	f8480e5611c545254300a4b2919c9fe21ac133c2
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 // Current Pidgin Release
-$pidgin_version        = "2.6.5";
+$pidgin_version        = "2.6.6";
 // Current Windows Pidgin Release
 $pidgin_win32_version  = "2.6.5";

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