soc.2010.detachablepurple: fbe63405: Added the properties we want to export i...

gillux at gillux at
Thu Jul 15 17:36:00 EDT 2010

Revision: fbe63405ad6f6fff8e2d6c110b2dacad7a0e8e32
Parent:   78f60f24810b9aea458993308dd5cfeec6aed5b4
Author:   gillux at
Date:     07/15/10 10:03:15
Branch:   im.pidgin.soc.2010.detachablepurple


Added the properties we want to export in the xml dbus file. Actually,
all the properties are already exported, we can get/set each. What these
<property> tags allow is the use of the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.GetAll
method (automatically provided by dbus-glib for each registered gobject).
Could be useful.

Changes against parent 78f60f24810b9aea458993308dd5cfeec6aed5b4

  patched  libpurple/dbus-prototypes/account.xml

-------------- next part --------------
--- libpurple/dbus-prototypes/account.xml	f26c47f296ceb8286268b3065b3c6008216bcbbd
+++ libpurple/dbus-prototypes/account.xml	a8f123b30abd47eb859e9354bbf5264076c65a22
@@ -1,5 +1,13 @@
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <node name="/im/pidgin/purple/account">
 	<interface name="im.pidgin.purple.account">
+		<property type="s" name="username"        access="readwrite" />
+		<property type="s" name="password"        access="readwrite" />
+		<property type="s" name="private-alias"   access="readwrite" />
+		<property type="s" name="public-alias"    access="readwrite" />
+		<property type="b" name="enabled"         access="readwrite" />
+		<property type="s" name="buddy-icon-path" access="readwrite" />
+		<property type="b" name="remember-password" access="readwrite" />
+		<property type="b" name="check-mail"      access="readwrite" />

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