gobjectification: dad5ab65: These two functions are subtly different...

qulogic at pidgin.im qulogic at pidgin.im
Wed Jun 9 01:32:18 EDT 2010

Revision: dad5ab65aa0503b70f999c7c851afc7106612f47
Ancestor: f7b358587841a604fc466577f7c84742d4dc8c6f
Author: qulogic at pidgin.im
Date: 2010-06-09T03:32:09
Branch: im.pidgin.gobjectification
URL: http://d.pidgin.im/viewmtn/revision/info/dad5ab65aa0503b70f999c7c851afc7106612f47

Modified files:


These two functions are subtly different, so we really should pick one of
them, but I guess I'll leave that till later.

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--- libpurple/util.h	aec2c67d2728645ca8d844774b4c46e21760d69b
+++ libpurple/util.h	35bb439fdd3f74611a9a135e24130199fe32e40b
@@ -1067,6 +1067,18 @@ char *purple_str_binary_to_ascii(const u
  * @return A newly allocated ASCIIZ string.
 char *purple_str_binary_to_ascii(const unsigned char *binary, guint len);
+ * Determine if two strings have the same value.
+ * This is just a convenience function to do all the @c NULL checks.
+ *
+ * @param s1 First string
+ * @param s2 Second string
+ * @return  @c TRUE if both the strings have the same value, or both are @c NULL,
+ *          @c FALSE otherwise
+ */
+gboolean purple_util_strings_equal(const char *s1, const char *s2);

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