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I've been sitting on this for 9 months, but I still think it's funny

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--- doc/funniest_home_convos.txt	558a2b459e1a511ae3c33ce2b71869fa0dd95c93
+++ doc/funniest_home_convos.txt	674a15a3e040f9e938a56088d5875058b668070b
@@ -530,6 +530,17 @@
+(14:30:09) linux_user: i have a ?
+(14:31:03) linux_user: when i install this on wine and run it it come up as
+           boxes on the screen
+(14:31:26) nosnilmot: why on earth would you install Pidgin under wine?
+(14:31:41) Err: heh
+(14:31:48) Err: I think my brain just segfaulted on that
+(14:31:58) linux_user: well i am on linux
+(14:32:10) linux_user: linux mint and thay is the only way i can run it
 14:39 <rrobbertt> Does anyone know a way to get text to speech with pidgin?
 14:41 <elb> do you want to be rooted sooner, or later?
 14:42 <seanegan> good question"; rm -rf ~

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