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Wed May 19 16:55:27 EDT 2010

Revision: 23d2db7366859fdffb9924ea9e6fede466df531e
Ancestor: 9ea18e61bbc3a4108d020e8b1c3352ff2c3b2cd1
Author: datallah at
Date: 2010-05-19T20:52:00
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

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Provide some context to the Installer translations.

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--- pidgin/win32/nsis/	d3206b53d2163eca27c3b6b9279cbf1705f39830
+++ pidgin/win32/nsis/	986de67a06f65bc250511aed7fd913438b6cc5f3
@@ -4,47 +4,57 @@ _PIDGINISRUNNING=An instance of Pidgin i
 _INSTALLERISRUNNING=The installer is already running.
 _PIDGINISRUNNING=An instance of Pidgin is currently running.  Please exit Pidgin and try again.
-# License Page
+# "Next >" appears on a button on the License Page of the Installer
+# $(^Name) is the current Version name (e.g. Pidgin 2.7.0).  $_CLICK will become a translated version of "Click Next to continue."
 _PIDGINLICENSEBOTTOMTEXT=$(^Name) is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The license is provided here for information purposes only. $_CLICK
-# Components Page
+#Installer Subsection Text
 _PIDGINSECTIONTITLE=Pidgin Instant Messaging Client (required)
+#Installer Subsection Text
 _GTKSECTIONTITLE=GTK+ Runtime (required if not present)
+#Installer Subsection Text
+#Installer Subsection Text
+#Installer Subsection Text
+#Installer Subsection Text
+#Installer Subsection Detailed Description
 _PIDGINSECTIONDESCRIPTION=Core Pidgin files and dlls
-_GTKSECTIONDESCRIPTION=A multi-platform GUI toolkit, used by Pidgin
+#Installer Subsection Detailed Description
+#Installer Subsection Detailed Description
 _PIDGINDESKTOPSHORTCUTDESC=Create a shortcut to Pidgin on the Desktop
+#Installer Subsection Detailed Description
 _PIDGINSTARTMENUSHORTCUTDESC=Create a Start Menu entry for Pidgin
+#Installer Subsection Text
 _DEBUGSYMBOLSSECTIONTITLE=Debug Symbols (for reporting crashes)
-# Installer Finish Page
+# Text displayed on Installer Finish Page
-# Pidgin Section Prompts and Texts
 _PIDGINPROMPTCONTINUEWITHOUTUNINSTALL=Unable to uninstall the currently installed version of Pidgin. The new version will be installed without removing the currently installed version.
-# GTK+ Section Prompts
 _PIDGINPROMPTFORCENOGTK=Pidgin requires a compatible GTK+ Runtime (which doesn't appear to be already present).$\rAre you sure you want to skip installing the GTK+ Runtime?
-# URL Handler section
+#Installer Subsection Text
-#Spellcheck Section Prompts
+#Installer Subsection Text
+# $R3 will display the URL that the Dictionary failed to download from
 _PIDGINSPELLCHECKERROR=Error Installing Spellchecking ($R3).$\rIf retrying fails, manual installation instructions are at:
+#Installer Subsection Detailed Description
 _PIDGINSPELLCHECKSECTIONDESCRIPTION=Support for Spellchecking.  (Internet connection required for installation)
+# $R2 will display the URL that the Debug Symbols failed to download from
 _PIDGINDEBUGSYMBOLSERROR=Error Installing Debug Symbols ($R2).$\rIf retrying fails, you may need to use the 'Offline Installer' from .
+# $R2 will display the URL that the GTK+ Runtime failed to download from
 _PIDGINGTKDOWNLOADERROR=Error Downloading the GTK+ Runtime ($R2).$\rThis is required for Pidgin to function; if retrying fails, you may need to use the 'Offline Installer' from .
-# Uninstall Section Prompts
 _PIDGINUNINSTALLERROR1=The uninstaller could not find registry entries for Pidgin.$\rIt is likely that another user installed this application.
 _PIDGINUNINSTALLERROR2=You do not have permission to uninstall this application.

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