pidgin: 7e5183fe: Add a ticket number here.

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Sat Oct 2 19:11:02 EDT 2010

Revision: 7e5183fe9919cf8f56e3932bf3f85840361f1792
Parent:   e4e4cfc6e43fbbd1e3e564249fca2cfdbf68ee23
Author:   qulogic at
Date:     10/02/10 19:04:49
Branch:   im.pidgin.pidgin


Add a ticket number here.

Changes against parent e4e4cfc6e43fbbd1e3e564249fca2cfdbf68ee23

  patched  ChangeLog

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--- ChangeLog	76ae2c4a28b08db6775cbeef33e03eaf43419967
+++ ChangeLog	5dc8c211eacb8dd63c1e042b6f482a9632cfacd7
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ version 2.7.4 (MM/DD/YYYY):
 	* Fall back to an ordinary request if a UI does not support showing a
 	  request with an icon.  Fixes receiving MSN file transfer requests
-	  including a thumbnail in Finch.
+	  including a thumbnail in Finch. (#12561)
 	* Fix an invalid memory access when removing UPnP mappings that could
 	  cause sporadic crashes, most notably when MSN Direct Connections are
 	  enabled. (#12387)

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