pidgin: 34e58af0: gg: Fix a null pointer dereference.

rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo at
Sat Apr 16 11:47:02 EDT 2011

Revision: 34e58af0641f94590b330aab30e8e57af2410ae3
Parent:   1ba5cd6e086b2ff2f52662999ac88f2512b6873b
Author:   tomkiewicz at
Date:     04/16/11 11:29:26
Branch:   im.pidgin.pidgin


gg: Fix a null pointer dereference.

This null pointer dereference caused a crash on Windows.  Curiously, however,
it resulted in an incorrect timestamp in the message log (no crash) on Linux.

Fixes #10268.

Changes against parent 1ba5cd6e086b2ff2f52662999ac88f2512b6873b

  patched  libpurple/protocols/gg/gg.c

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--- libpurple/protocols/gg/gg.c	e29520f3524845120ddbe53cc776a2f8cf39cd00
+++ libpurple/protocols/gg/gg.c	21e55c4e392a86665ec7dbf9406f903da27315ba
@@ -1383,8 +1383,8 @@ static void ggp_recv_image_handler(Purpl
 			info->pending_richtext_messages = g_list_remove(info->pending_richtext_messages, entry->data);
 			/* We don't have any more images to download */
 			if (strstr(text, "<IMG ID=\"IMGID_HANDLER") == NULL) {
-				gchar *buf = g_strdup_printf("%lu", (unsigned long int)ev->event.msg.sender);
-				serv_got_im(gc, buf, text, PURPLE_MESSAGE_IMAGES, ev->event.msg.time);
+				gchar *buf = g_strdup_printf("%lu", (unsigned long int)ev->event.image_reply.sender);
+				serv_got_im(gc, buf, text, PURPLE_MESSAGE_IMAGES, time(NULL));
 				purple_debug_info("gg", "ggp_recv_image_handler: richtext message: %s\n", text);

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