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Sat Aug 20 13:06:01 EDT 2011

Revision: 93051ef2d941be32785c5fbb788ae3b0a0935b4d
Parent:   16af0661899a978b4fedc1c165965b85009013d1
Author:   markdoliner at
Date:     08/18/11 04:46:31
Branch:   im.pidgin.pidgin
Tag:      v2.10.0


Write this item more similarly to other items

Changes against parent 16af0661899a978b4fedc1c165965b85009013d1

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--- ChangeLog	7f3083754856b067e78b1d4e54b3ff1d63fdf041
+++ ChangeLog	b26029e9f70252ca07092892b5cf02f3a6acee50
@@ -61,8 +61,8 @@ version 2.10.0 (08/18/2011):
 	Windows-Specific Changes:
 	* Open an explorer.exe window at the location of the file when clicking
 	  on a file link instead of executing the file, because executing a file
-	  can be potentially dangerous.  Problem discovered by James Burton of
-	  Insomnia Security.  Fixed by Eion Robb.
+	  can be potentially dangerous.  (Discovered by James Burton of
+	  Insomnia Security) (Fixed by Eion Robb)
 version 2.9.0 (06/23/2011):

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