www: a2128e76: Add the assigned CVE number for our late...

nosnilmot at pidgin.im nosnilmot at pidgin.im
Sat Jan 1 21:30:52 EST 2011

Revision: a2128e768f2652c256335d6bf6c4b384fd12e47e
Parent:   7a9d1ef3b4d4ef562a69271f453d82223f55ffc5
Author:   nosnilmot at pidgin.im
Date:     01/01/11 21:26:18
Branch:   im.pidgin.www
URL: http://d.pidgin.im/viewmtn/revision/info/a2128e768f2652c256335d6bf6c4b384fd12e47e


Add the assigned CVE number for our latest vulnerability

Changes against parent 7a9d1ef3b4d4ef562a69271f453d82223f55ffc5

  patched  htdocs/news/security/index.php

-------------- next part --------------
--- htdocs/news/security/index.php	cc50795dc2e302181fb0cb7a5982904c19c4af32
+++ htdocs/news/security/index.php	37813ebabeea1164e0a765e7a200cd4572c87e42
@@ -523,7 +523,7 @@ $vulnerabilities = array(
 		"date"         => "2010-12-26",
-		"cve"          => "pending",
+		"cve"          => "CVE-2010-4528",
 		"summary"      => "Remotely-triggered denial of service in MSN",
 		"description"  => "It was discovered that libpurple 2.7.6 through 2.7.8 did not properly handle "short" packets in MSN direct connection sessions, leading to a crash due to a NULL pointer dereference.  Malicious clients or users can exploit this to cause a denial of service (crash).",
 		"fix"          => "Ignore short packets.",

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