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Wed Jan 26 13:50:52 EST 2011

Revision: 66136dd11f66b012f363d9edb753061f746186c6
Parent:   e4f5f3f19ab9a2ea5f4c886dafc6bb9b0f58ab7b
Author:   rlaager at
Date:     01/26/11 13:48:19
Branch:   im.pidgin.pidgin


Suppress msgfmt errors by removing c-format markers

This is unfortunate, but it's the best that I could come up with.  The
translator, Khaled Hosny, informed me that C does not allow you to skip
positional format string arguments, and printf(3) on my system agrees.
It does work on glibc, but I'm not sure if gettext guarantees this.  It
does make other guarantees about the printf implementation above those
from C, but this involves replacing the printf function if the native one
doesn't provide it.  So, even assuming that gettext's printf allows this
like glibc's does, gettext may not replace the printf function if the
native C printf provides positional arguments but does not allow skipping

Finally, intltool-update does not seem to put the c-format marker back,
which actually surprised me.  So we'll see how this goes long-term.

Changes against parent e4f5f3f19ab9a2ea5f4c886dafc6bb9b0f58ab7b

  patched  po/ar.po

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--- po/ar.po	dc67ed8d95c2b76da329f01a15014a12367080b2
+++ po/ar.po	9fbea6f75fd7f6356a13b86aae41b671a3801de0
@@ -11604,7 +11604,6 @@ msgstr "غيّر معلومات المس
 msgid "The text information for a buddy's status"
 msgstr "غيّر معلومات المستخدم لأجل %s"
-#, c-format
 msgid "You have %d contact named %s. Would you like to merge them?"
 msgid_plural ""
 "You currently have %d contacts named %s. Would you like to merge them?"
@@ -11948,7 +11947,6 @@ msgstr "/الأدوات/قائمة الØ
 msgid "/Tools/Room List"
 msgstr "/الأدوات/قائمة الغرف"
-#, c-format
 msgid "%d unread message from %s\n"
 msgid_plural "%d unread messages from %s\n"
 msgstr[0] "%0.sلا رسائل غير مقروءة من %s\n"

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