pidgin.2.9.0: 8d7d8a88: applied changes from 1d2a25ce8baec7e4269...

markdoliner at markdoliner at
Mon Jun 20 01:40:32 EDT 2011

Revision: 8d7d8a8805f511037869beb3c5b9d19dade47587
Parent:   4eed758c359fed48bc0c0fdb191ee4cce546a02c
Author:   markdoliner at
Date:     06/20/11 01:29:11
Branch:   im.pidgin.pidgin.2.9.0


applied changes from 1d2a25ce8baec7e426910e310ed73db0a4961c31
             through 341e86eb5b808e0eab3242d7be676f83eca02b08

Original commit message:
Oh yeah, we're trying not to update ChangeLog.win32.  Changing our
release process to not verify the date in that file

Changes against parent 4eed758c359fed48bc0c0fdb191ee4cce546a02c

  patched  ChangeLog.win32

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---	fcbb5a8b0528f430b95a912fafa38f97fda19125
+++	d4f1dd704f38546665cae3b23ed867f9c3b10f11
@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@ version-check: commit-check
 # For all releases, check the ChangeLogs.
 	head ChangeLog | grep "^version $(PACKAGE_VERSION) (`date +%m/%d/%Y`):$$" >/dev/null
-	head ChangeLog.win32 | grep "^version $(PACKAGE_VERSION) (`date +%m/%d/%Y`):$$" >/dev/null
 	head po/ChangeLog | grep "^version $(PACKAGE_VERSION)$$" >/dev/null
 # Ensure we're working from a tag...
--- ChangeLog.win32	476d92495bdded0bfde48810ef091cc737ceaba0
+++ ChangeLog.win32	6faedcbd7c499d060c92caed5f175b9126e61b2f
@@ -1,9 +1,6 @@ updated.  It will be kept in the source 
 Starting with Pidgin version 2.7.1, this ChangeLog file will no longer be
 updated.  It will be kept in the source tree for historical reasons only.
-version 2.8.0 (06/07/2011):
-	* No changes
 version 2.7.1 (05/29/2010):
 	* No changes

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