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Thu Mar 24 20:11:20 EDT 2011

Revision: 4ac2c53a02a28d532c23623c06465b14c0ff667b
Parent:   54dcab16d24aadfe374856ba5af9c39dd80cc4a8
Author:   rekkanoryo at
Date:     03/24/11 18:41:12
Branch:   im.pidgin.pidgin


!ChangeLog loentar's patch.  I need a proper name to credit with in COPYRIGHT.
Refs #13496.

Changes against parent 54dcab16d24aadfe374856ba5af9c39dd80cc4a8

  patched  ChangeLog

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--- ChangeLog	cb6905b1183ede3433a74323d34ddb8bae717ed2
+++ ChangeLog	0ee7388efa37def3d8d537f37b602eba02271602
@@ -27,6 +27,9 @@ version 2.8.0 (??/??/????):
 	* Fix unsetting your mood when "None" is selected. (#7431)
 	* Ignore Daylight Saving Time when performing calculations related to
 	  birthdays. (dustin) (#13533)
+	* It is now possible to specify multiple encodings on the Advanced tab of
+	  an ICQ account's settings by using a comma-delimited list.  (loentar)
+	  (#13496)
 	Windows-Specific Changes:
 	* Fix building libpurple with Visual C++ .NET 2005. This was accidentally

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