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Thu May 12 00:21:28 EDT 2011

Revision: a829a2ed86b8151a6d98609c24eabc3cea7cbfdd
Parent:   f19b8b0b7d900eac3967f7ea8d56205b036650ba
Author:   rekkanoryo at
Date:     05/12/11 00:15:21
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Look, Ethan, I managed to leave column 80 empty!

Changes against parent f19b8b0b7d900eac3967f7ea8d56205b036650ba

  patched  NEWS

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--- NEWS	9f6b85384d92c9328a9393749eb2fa10a797d291
+++ NEWS	4e3940ae1d7123997159b6e803c7f919ae75bbe4
@@ -7,6 +7,12 @@ 2.8.0 (??/??/????):
 	patches, but am being vague because I can't remember any specifics.
 	Hopefully you enjoy this, and happy May!
+	John: Wow, this release has taken forever.  But there are a crapload
+	of patches that have been committed this time around, a lot of them by
+	me.  The imfamous MSN bugs are still outstanding, but otherwise this
+	release has brought some excellent progress.  Oh, and we dropped the
+	hasn't-quite-worked-in-ages QQ plugin, too.  Enjoy!
 2.7.11 (03/10/2011):
 	John: Yet another release.  This time around we finally fixed that
 	annoying MSN buddy adding problem and a security issue in Yahoo.  You

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