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Fri May 13 00:41:45 EDT 2011

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Date:     05/13/11 00:33:20
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  patched  NEWS

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--- NEWS	98b94f0b778422a677e5426492cac139eeb47fa3
+++ NEWS	875102f48f556d168f8a6ad630533f30bbec7781
@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ 2.8.0 (??/??/????):
 	release has brought some excellent progress.  Oh, and we dropped the
 	hasn't-quite-worked-in-ages QQ plugin, too.  Enjoy!
+	Jorge: I managed to get one patch applied! Wii for end of semester!
 2.7.11 (03/10/2011):
 	John: Yet another release.  This time around we finally fixed that
 	annoying MSN buddy adding problem and a security issue in Yahoo.  You

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