/soc/2012/sanket/statscollector-2.x.y: 4ae3408eceff: Use __APPLE...

Sanket Agarwal sanket at soc.pidgin.im
Tue Jul 10 00:36:26 EDT 2012

Changeset: 4ae3408eceff90cae96694bee0e4801970aac6a6
Author:	 Sanket Agarwal <sanket at soc.pidgin.im>
Date:	 2012-06-02 13:48 +0000
Branch:	 soc.2012.statscollector
URL: http://hg.pidgin.im/soc/2012/sanket/statscollector-2.x.y/rev/4ae3408eceff


Use __APPLE__ instead of _POSIX_VERSION to identify Apple systems

Though _POSIX_VERSION could be used as effectively on __APPLE__ it is
easier and more reliable to handle strings we know are going to be true.
Also this fixes a bug ``elb'' helped me identify.


 libpurple/plugins/statscollector.c |  2 ++
 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diffs (12 lines):

diff --git a/libpurple/plugins/statscollector.c b/libpurple/plugins/statscollector.c
--- a/libpurple/plugins/statscollector.c
+++ b/libpurple/plugins/statscollector.c
@@ -351,6 +351,8 @@
 #ifdef _WIN32
   name_attrib = "windows";
+#elif defined __APPLE__
+  name_attrib = "apple";
 #elif defined _POSIX_VERSION
   name_attrib = os_utsname.sysname;

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