cpw.ljfisher.ssl_client_auth: 3ff95f1e: Updated comments on use of secure memory...

lucas.fisher at gmail.com lucas.fisher at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 23:41:38 EST 2012

Revision: 3ff95f1e9d3a97ff17985d90a993bfbc79274247
Parent:   e705f6a58576e4e8995672032b74baed872f3386
Author:   lucas.fisher at gmail.com
Date:     01/30/12 23:11:18
Branch:   im.pidgin.cpw.ljfisher.ssl_client_auth
URL: http://d.pidgin.im/viewmtn/revision/info/3ff95f1e9d3a97ff17985d90a993bfbc79274247


Updated comments on use of secure memory.

Changes against parent e705f6a58576e4e8995672032b74baed872f3386

  patched  libpurple/privatekey.h

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--- libpurple/privatekey.h	3d84363651cde27970e44e7e86debcff218492b1
+++ libpurple/privatekey.h	d8b0ab34508f9f235fcac92567234dda41f513f7
@@ -48,7 +48,9 @@
  * </li>
  * <li>
  * Keys should not be swapped out to disk. This usually means they must be stored in
- * non-paged (or locked) memory pages.
+ * non-paged (or locked) memory pages. This is hard to do. libgcrypt used by gnutls
+ * includes secure alloc functions but are not used by default by gnutls. We cannot
+ * enable them ourselves because of how gnutls initializes libgcrypt. :(
  * </li>
  * <li>
  * As soon as keys are no longer needed immediately for processes the memory containing

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