www: fc62abda: <br/> didn't do what I want--let's try <..

markdoliner at pidgin.im markdoliner at pidgin.im
Sat Mar 10 11:06:15 EST 2012

Revision: fc62abda4cfde31bba82cda562640d811037d2c4
Parent:   1db2ef7dc7ee96c21822c13d5ced8163699935bc
Author:   markdoliner at pidgin.im
Date:     03/10/12 11:03:52
Branch:   im.pidgin.www
URL: http://d.pidgin.im/viewmtn/revision/info/fc62abda4cfde31bba82cda562640d811037d2c4


<br/> didn't do what I want--let's try <p></p>

And add back the closing </ul> that I accidentally removed

Changes against parent 1db2ef7dc7ee96c21822c13d5ced8163699935bc

  patched  htdocs/support/index.php

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--- htdocs/support/index.php	67a2f3ea6de4c88adaa07e5517e8e17a5ce731de
+++ htdocs/support/index.php	85c03de344a79c7c43e29f47ddc5b80ed2efb56c
@@ -37,14 +37,14 @@ Chat on IRC: <a onclick="javascript:this
 <h1>I have a problem to report</h1>
 <div class="prominent_box">
-<strong>Common issues</strong><br/>
+<p><strong>Common issues</strong></p>
 <ul style="text-align:left">
 <li>Can't connect to AIM/ICQ?</li>
 <li>Can't connect to Yahoo?</li>
 <li>Get an AIM SSL Handshake Failure message?</li>
 <li>Get a certificate error for omega.contacts.msn.com?</li>
-<a href="/download/">Make sure you're using the current version of Pidgin!</a>
+<p><a href="/download/">Make sure you're using the current version of Pidgin!</a></p>
 <p>Did you find a bug?  Is something not behaving the way you think it should?  Did Pidgin crash?</p>

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