www: 395c5dec: Reduce the amount of blank space at the ...

markdoliner at pidgin.im markdoliner at pidgin.im
Tue Mar 20 04:55:52 EDT 2012

Revision: 395c5dec0d35dd0354d10afff4e56836ad058aa7
Parent:   2eac43f97e3f6886fd18cceb65cdc6788ce3f1a7
Author:   markdoliner at pidgin.im
Date:     03/19/12 02:24:36
Branch:   im.pidgin.www
URL: http://d.pidgin.im/viewmtn/revision/info/395c5dec0d35dd0354d10afff4e56836ad058aa7


Reduce the amount of blank space at the bottom of the OS list
subsection on the download page.  For some reason there was more
space on the bottom of the list than the top, and I thought that
looked weird.

Changes against parent 2eac43f97e3f6886fd18cceb65cdc6788ce3f1a7

  patched  htdocs/shared/css/main.css

-------------- next part --------------
--- htdocs/shared/css/main.css	0ec4bc33d7006c0204fba4167c6f1b94572cae1d
+++ htdocs/shared/css/main.css	0b2efae950a8e3a8a61966195d81e55c8ec41e56
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ DIV.linkbar {
 .box_nav ul {
   display: block;
-  padding: 17px 0 25px;
+  padding: 17px 0 15px;
   margin: 0;

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