pidgin.2.x.y: c7169cd6: disapproval of revision '183ac4d83596ebf...

elb at elb at
Sat May 5 13:16:08 EDT 2012

Revision: c7169cd66afdf09bee74aea8c512261c73a195fe
Parent:   183ac4d83596ebf70192f4694b131e45a7a5a4c5
Author:   elb at
Date:     05/05/12 13:11:58
Branch:   im.pidgin.pidgin.2.x.y


disapproval of revision '183ac4d83596ebf70192f4694b131e45a7a5a4c5'

Changes against parent 183ac4d83596ebf70192f4694b131e45a7a5a4c5

  patched  libpurple/protocols/irc/msgs.c

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--- libpurple/protocols/irc/msgs.c	a33fb437cbaa46d3cfeb21cb125212dfeafe12ec
+++ libpurple/protocols/irc/msgs.c	ad656d776f172c9d3cdd0c733f0a5c62e7b2152c
@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ void irc_msg_default(struct irc_conn *ir
 /* This function is ugly, but it's really an error handler. */
 void irc_msg_default(struct irc_conn *irc, const char *name, const char *from, char **args)
-	int i;
+	int i, directed_magic = TRUE;
 	char *convname, *end, *tmp, *cur;
 	PurpleConversation *convo;

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