/soc/2012/michael/libpurple: 52bce7932d01: Added an #include gli...

Michael Zangl michael at soc.pidgin.im
Thu May 9 05:53:19 EDT 2013

Changeset: 52bce7932d0103b5f820e65884479782b2c9df8f
Author:	 Michael Zangl <michael at soc.pidgin.im>
Date:	 2013-05-09 10:27 +0200
Branch:	 default
URL: https://hg.pidgin.im/soc/2012/michael/libpurple/rev/52bce7932d01


Added an #include glib.h to core.h, because core.h uses glib functions and Android won't compile without it.


 libpurple/core.h |  2 ++
 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diffs (12 lines):

diff --git a/libpurple/core.h b/libpurple/core.h
--- a/libpurple/core.h
+++ b/libpurple/core.h
@@ -37,6 +37,8 @@
 #ifndef _PURPLE_CORE_H_
 #define _PURPLE_CORE_H_
+#include <glib.h>
 typedef struct PurpleCore PurpleCore;
 /** Callbacks that fire at different points of the initialization and teardown

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