/pidgin/main: 6143bf4f9cc0: Reword a string in Finch's status cr...

Richard Laager rlaager at pidgin.im
Mon Jul 18 00:33:07 EDT 2016

Changeset: 6143bf4f9cc0db697b48c45c89a43f8cdaf26abf
Author:	 Richard Laager <rlaager at pidgin.im>
Date:	 2016-06-07 00:26 -0500
Branch:	 release-2.x.y
URL: https://hg.pidgin.im/pidgin/main/rev/6143bf4f9cc0


Reword a string in Finch's status creator

The existing string at least needed a "the" added.  Since I was editing
anyway, I made it match Pidgin.

Reported-by: Allan Nordh?y <epost at anotheragency.no>


 finch/gntstatus.c |  2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diffs (12 lines):

diff --git a/finch/gntstatus.c b/finch/gntstatus.c
--- a/finch/gntstatus.c
+++ b/finch/gntstatus.c
@@ -569,7 +569,7 @@ void finch_savedstatus_edit(PurpleSavedS
 	gnt_box_add_widget(GNT_BOX(window), entry);
 	gnt_box_add_widget(GNT_BOX(window), gnt_hline_new());
-	gnt_box_add_widget(GNT_BOX(window), gnt_label_new(_("Use different status for following accounts")));
+	gnt_box_add_widget(GNT_BOX(window), gnt_label_new(_("Use a different status for some accounts")));
 	edit->hash = g_hash_table_new(g_direct_hash, g_direct_equal);
 	edit->tree = tree = gnt_tree_new_with_columns(3);

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